At TechShastra our digital and mobile marketing specialists and experienced brand marketers have created a new element of the marketing mix.
Our teams work with brands to create efficient social, digital and mobile solutions that are fully integrated into your campaign planning, and tailored for your brand in your market.
Our campaigns enable brands to engage with consumers and to achieve your brand objectives, and ultimately to change the consumer behaviour in the brands favour.
TechShastra closes the lifecycle between brand & consumer, between communications & purchase, through the reach and intimacy of our solutions; all with a clear, measurable return on marketing investment.

Today, we are:

  • Advance Level Partners of IBM for development of software applications on Open Source technologies
  • Partners with all major telecom service providers and Handset Manufacturers in India and other regions.
  • Mobility partner for HDFC Bank
  • A PCIDSS Certified Company
  • A digital media company with proven track record and a strong customer base that includes Unilever, Nestle, Tata Motors, HDFC bank among others

We help brands achieve excellence in consumer engagement, provide superior customer service and enhance their reputation as a brand of trust. And, we love what we do.